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It Cannot Be Trivial is a digital archive project about works of art I’ve created since 1992. The title of the blog comes from a discussion I had with a Jesuit Priest while an undergraduate at Holy Cross College.

I’ve been a pack rat of my work for over a decade and have decided it’s time to make some sense of all this stuff I’ve created. A visit to the attic in my mother’s house and the basement of my brother-in-law has created this heap of stuff that I plan to sort through over the next year.

Sorting and organizing is a habit of mine that I’ve had since a child. I often would spend a weekend afternoon on my floor as a 8-9 year old sifting through shells, trains, Charlie Brown and Garfield books. I liked to see everything setup to see and understand its place.

Something I didn’t do though was write about everything and try to make more sense of its purpose and place. Or understand why this organizing was important.

So this project will hopefully be equal parts categorizing and contextualizing, and from this a better understanding of this work I spent so much time on.

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